Why I Quit Clickfunnels

An Honest Review Of ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels has changed the landscape in digital marketing, which is an impressive feat on its own. The concept of the marketing funnel went from a way for the marketer to think about the structure of a client’s customer journey and offers to something every business owner wants.

That’s not a bad thing. I adore sales and marketing funnels. It’s my favorite thing to work on in the online space. However I see a lot of misunderstanding about what funnels actually are.

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With The Rise Of ClickFunnels, Myths About Sales Funnels Are Everywhere

The marketing behind ClickFunnels has been incredible and very effective. Brunson has got you to believe that a marketing funnel is necessary for your business (hint: it is, but it’s simpler than you think) AND that it is linked to a type of software.

He’s made his product seem indispensable because he connected a lie to a truth. The truth is you need marketing funnels. The lie is that ClickFunnels is the only (or best) way to do them.

What A Marketing Funnel Really Is

A marketing funnel is another way to think about your customer’s journey online. Where do you meet prospects? How do you generate leads? How do you nurture leads towards purchase? Those pieces are a marketing funnel.

It doesn’t matter what platform or software you use. It can be super simple and it can be complex. It all depends on your business, your offers, and what is the simplest and easiest way for people to become customers.

Why I Don’t Recommend ClickFunnels

Leaving aside that I find Brunson’s personality caustic and his strategies too aggressive, there are actual reasons not to use Clickfunnels.

The Software Doesn’t Create Strategy For You

Clickfunnels plays on your overwhelm when it comes to creating your online marketing strategy. They make it sound so simple and easy.

But it’s far less intuitive than it leads you to expect and if you don’t understand the foundation of funnels you’ll struggle to make ClickFunnels work for you.

If you want to throw money at a problem to make it go away you’ll be far better served by hiring an expert to build your marketing funnels for you. Just giving ClickFunnels money won’t create the marketing strategy you are looking for.

If you want to throw money at a problem to make it go away you’ll be far better served by hiring an expert. Giving ClickFunnels money won’t create marketing strategy for you

Seriously OverPriced

The price tag is absurd. You can do all the same things in WordPress. You can create funnels on totally free platforms. ClickFunnels looks slick and modern but there are dozens of alternatives that cost less (and often do more) with the same slick looks.

I use Kartra now and for the exact same price it replaces five other software platforms.

Buggy and Unreliable

Since I left ClickFunnels I’ve been shocked to hear about the experiences of clients and friends in the industry. It is seriously buggy for something that costs so much.

A client of a friend lost thousands of leads before they realized that ClickFunnels wasn’t delivering the next step of the funnel. Those people signed up, never got anything, and disappeared. (And in fact it was because of them switching to Kartra that I signed up for Kartra as well)

Affiliate Program

The ClickFunnels affiliate program keeps the Internet from being honest about the product.

Recommending ClickFunnels to others pays out a LOT (so that’s where the money from that crazy price tag is going). It incentivizes people to hide their issues with it.

Being an affiliate for a product doesn’t necessarily make you dishonest about it. But it does create a challenge to staying honest. It’s easy to even subconsciously fudge your results to get that payout.

Alternatives to ClickFunnels

There are dozens and dozens of funnel builders/page builders out there. There are even WordPress Plugins to give you funnel builder tools.

The truth is that you just need a way to get people on your list, and a plan for how to nurture them towards your offers.

However, there are some pretty cool techniques that an experienced funnel builder can create that can increase conversion, lead to sales faster, and lower ad costs. Buying a funnel building software won’t teach you how to do that.

I do recommend hiring an expert such as myself but if you want to try out making yoru own funnels, Kartra is the way to go.

I’ve tried several different systems/softwares/platforms with my clients (they often come with a platform they are already using) and I’ve fallen for Kartra.

I’m not (yet!) an affiliate for them but I’ll sign up for that as soon as they let me.

It’s the same cost as ClickFunnels yet it has more support, more functions, eliminates the need for a separate CRM, membership site, and more. You don’t have to string your funnel together with Zapier! It is the most all-in-one solution for online marketing that I have seen.

Why I Quit ClickFunnels

I was talked into ClickFunnels by a “bro-marketing” type. At the time I had no income and $97/mo was unthinkable. The extreme stress I felt over that money coming out of my account every single month made it hard for me to put my heart into a strategy. I was very new at the time to online marketing and funnels. I knew deep down that I was not ready to invest in a platform like that.

But, of course, I was just “one funnel away” from success.

I was trying to believe that but in my heart I already knew the truth, that I didn’t need this product to create marketing funnels and at that stage it was a much better idea to learn and practice on free platforms.

So if you are where I was then, don’t buy Kartra. Don’t buy ClickFunnels. Don’t buy anything sold as a “funnel builder.” Learn and practice how to connect websites and emails and offers to create a smooth customer journey.

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