Why Chasing Quick Wins Is Hurting Your Online Business

The online business entrepreneur world is wild. Once you start, you’ll quickly get sucked into a whole new world of FOMO. It happened to me, it still happens to me, and I hear it from so many others too.

You’ll start connecting with people online who have big claims, you’ll start getting social ads boasting of fast and incredible success.

It’s very hard to stay strong against all those marketing messages promising you exactly what you are searching for: the simple way to 10k months, the step-by-step directions to have a successful online business, the formula to bring in wealth without effort.

After a couple of years, you’ll realize there’s always someone there to tell you that they had way more success than you far quicker. You may still be building up to those 10k months while this person is bragging about how they launched and had a million dollar business in nine months (and you can pay them to teach you how!)

For me, it’s super discouraging.

I’m growing my business, and if I look back at how far I’ve come it’s actually been an impressive growth in a short time. But on the Internet two years isn’t a short time and slow but steady progress towards wealth doesn’t count.

And I think the biggest danger there is the temptation to give up.

They are trying to sell something so they make what they have to offer super impressive, but the truth is there isn’t anything truly new. None of these people have the one answer, the secret key to the ease and flow you want in your business.

There’s things to learn, there’s techniques to discover and try out. But there is no magic bullet.

And hearing day in and day out that there is and it’s this thing, no it’s this thing, no that thing is dead, only this thing is working, no that’s not hot anymore….it can make you feel like you’re failing when you are actually succeeding.

Choose a mentor and then put your blinders on to all the shiny objects being pitched around you.

Focus on the chosen method and give it time to work. Almost nothing in online marketing is instant, though plenty of people will tell you that it can be. Yeah, maybe for 1 person in 10,000. Maybe someone gets lucky. Don’t build your business on getting lucky.

Don’t build your business on getting lucky. @choatemarketing

Traction in social media takes at least three months of steady and consistent effort. Building your visibility and authority takes many months if not years.

The winners in the long run are the ones who keep showing up.

Steady and consistent isn’t sexy but it’s the actual magic formula.

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