Using Other People’s Facebook Groups To Get Clients

Yes, you can ethically grab lots of traffic and leads from other people’s Facebook groups!

Growing a Facebook group is hard work. It takes a lot of time and commitment, though the benefits are usually well worth it. Building a community around what you do is very special.

But while you’re working on that or before you’re ready for it, you can actually gain a lot of traction and attention from posting in other people’s Facebook groups.

Just about any Facebook group these days that has anything to do with business will have a promo day or promo thread.

Many admins of even local FB groups recognize that most of us have a business or a side-hustle that needs promoting.

So what you want to do is search Facebook for groups that will have your ideal clients in it. It’s very important to know exactly who you most want to serve with your business and nailing that down will make it so much easier to find groups.

Don’t get overwhelmed, start with joining just five Facebook groups to promote your business at first!

Don’t get overwhelmed, start with joining just five Facebook groups to promote your business at first!

It’s a great idea to create a spreadsheet to keep track of your promotion because once you join a FB group and are accepted it can get lost in the dozens of other groups you may be part of.

Create a google sheet or other spreadsheet with the name and url of the group as you request to join and make note of any promo rules. Usually the description or the rules when joining will tell you if there are any promo days, promo threads, or if promo is always or never allowed.

Next, create your offer

I’m going to be doing a challenge to help you develop the perfect comment for promo threads in my own Facebook group starting Feb 1st, 2022, so make sure you are joined there so you don’t miss out! (And if you’re seeing this later we will have all the material up in the guides after the challenge too)

But basically you want to write out a compelling comment that addresses your ideal soulmate client, tells them what you do, and most importantly: how it benefits them.

Create a nice graphic in Canva to go with it and make sure your link is there with a clear reason to click on it.

Store your comment on your spreadsheet too.

Then you’re ready to post every time a promo day or thread comes up

It’s also a good idea to spend some time in each group commenting, offering valuable insights, helping people, and becoming known.

This is why I suggest only joining five at first. Go deep before you go wide! Become a trusted expert for those small communities and it will increase your impact when you post your promo comment.

And that’s all there is to it!

I’ve driven a massive amount of traffic by having a clear and compelling promo day comment. There’s a few more nuances I’m looking forward to sharing with you during the challenge, so again make sure that you are in the Facebook group for that!


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