Three Keys To A Powerful Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is also known as an opt-in or a freebie and it functions much like a loss leader in a physical store. It’s a piece of value that people want and it will prompt them to come into your digital world to learn more about you and become open to hearing your offers.

Here are three important things to consider when creating a lead magnet for your business. And at the end I’ll show you behind the curtain of how I’m using these principles in a LIVE workshop to help you develop your own lead magnet.

A lead magnet should be related to your client journey

Some people throw up whatever they have laying around as a lead magnet. They devalue the place of a lead magnet in their business because they are giving it away.

But it isn’t really free. People are paying you for it with their contact information and permission to contact them. That’s very valuable!

Also, if you don’t think through how your lead magnet connects with your services and offers then you’re much less likely to get leads to that finish line of becoming your clients.

The lead magnet is your ideal perfect potential clients taking the first step on the path that brings them to your offers.

The lead magnet is your ideal perfect potential clients taking the first step on the path that brings them to your offers.

A Lead Magnet Should Create A Real Transformation

There’s two ways to look at a lead magnet. For some (especially with done-for-you services) you can use a lead magnet to show how challenging the work is. Someone may be looking for a DIY option so you give them a checklist and show them all the things they hadn’t considered and why they should hire a professional to do it. This is overwhelming people on purpose but it can backfire easily and I don’t recommend it for most businesses!

The other kind of lead magnet is the quick win.

With the quick win you want to look at the very beginning of the transformation that you bring to clients or customers and hone in on what the very first step is.

How can you provide a fast, not overwhelming way to complete that first step?

This helps your lead become ready for the offers you have down the line for them, it also gives them a positive association with you and how you solve problems, and it gives them a feel for you and your style.

A Lead Magnet Is Useless If It Doesn’t Get Used

Lastly, consider in your strategy that people sign up for lots of freebies but if they don’t open it, they won’t take that next step on their journey towards becoming your client. Sure, they’ll still be on your email list and that’s not nothing. But they’ll be ready to work with you a lot sooner if they get that transformation you built into your lead magnet.

I recommend using your email sequence to gently encourage them to open and use the lead magnet.

Behind The Curtain

I am putting on a LIVE workshop during which you will develop your perfect lead magnet.

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This workshop will be a lead magnet for me because what I do is build funnels, which deliver lead magnets to your leads and guide them to your paid offers. So it benefits me to help you create a great lead magnet for your business because then you might need someone to help install it in a funnel!

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