Free version? Not once you see the new Headline Studio by CoSchedule

headline studio

I was perfectly happy and content analyzing my headlines with the free CoSchedule tool. It was a cool way to check my headlines and hone them (plus get scored on them! Very helpful for showing my clients how awesome the headlines I was making them were).

Then one day I logged in and it put me into the free trial of Headline Studio, their newest program for headline analysis.

And OMG is Headline Studio cool

They knew I was going to love it! They knew I wasn’t going to be able to go back to the limited free tool. I mean look at this:

The headline I was working on this time was for my client’s landing page:

The first one I put in got a score of 51. Meh.

Then I got to 64, eventually I was in the 70s. But I kept on working at it and using the suggestions and inspiration inside the tool and I got to an 83 score! Plus 100 in SEO. Fan-freakin-tastic.

It’s great that I can keep on tweaking and working on the same headline until I get it just right!

How much will you use headline studio?

I use headline analyzers for more than just landing page headlines. It works well for email subject lines as well, and blog titles and the hook in your social media captions. I use them for my own content and for all my clients. Seriously, though, try it for your email subject lines! Game changer.

It used to be that I would open about six different types of headline tools but this time I ended up closing those tabs without looking at them because I felt like I had everything I wanted already within Headline Studio.

It seemed only right to use the headline studio tool to create the title for this blog post too.

I like how intuitive it is to use and how all the parts that you might need are right there. One thing I really love is the comparison to competitors because scrolling that for the good headline scores gives me inspiration and ideas.

Then there’s the word banks. In the free Coschedule headline analyzer it would tell you to add “more emotional words.” And then you would go hunting for what emotional words are. Now you just click on “emotional words” and a bunch come up to browse through.

I’m sure there are a ton more features that I haven’t discovered yet! But I’m already sold on it.

Then I found out that I could get 50% off the cost if I wrote a review. Which is convenient because I had already recorded that first video and I knew I was going to post a review even without the offer of a reward!

So here is my behind-the-scenes peek at the new Headliner Studio tool by CoSchedule. Yes, you should get it! And now I have landing page copy to get back to…

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