Trello Instagram Planner Tool


After finding many Instagram planning apps and tools too limited I designed a Trello board to do it instead. There’s nothing more versatile than Trello!



Advantages of using this Trello board as an Instagram Planner:

  1. Access your content on computer or phone
  2. Plan reels, stories, and carousels without paying extra
  3. Type up your captions on a computer!
  4. Have your hashtag banks sorted by pillar plus the ability to add an ongoing p.s. and not just hashtags
  5. Set deadlines and reminders
  6. View your grid as far back as you create it

See how to use it here:

Imagine having all your hashtags sorted by content pillars ready to copy and paste over to each of your captions 🤩

–> Move around and sort your grid as much as you want and see exactly how it will look when you post.

–> Label for yourself where your reels, still images, or carousels go within your grid.

–> Create your post on the computer but download it and put it on Instagram from your phone

To make the grid scroll together on the computer use the free Chrome extension Swimlanes. Instructions and link are in the template.


When you purchase this product you will download a PDF that includes the link to the Trello Board template. Instructions are included for how to create your own board from the template. Please note that this product is not licensed for distribution or resale. You may not copy or share but you can share this listing with anyone who would like their own copy!

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