Simple Passive Income Funnel Set Up For Direct Sales


If you sell products online you can use a simple three point funnel machine to start bringing in more passive sales. That means you are not working your butt off for every single sale! You can make sales from people you’ve never even spoken to.

Here are step by step instructions on how to do this:

But if you would like help getting it set up you can go ahead and purchase this product and we will work together to get your three point funnel set up!



passive income funnel set upWhen you use these three SEO powerhouses together you can literally make sales in your sleep. How do I know? Well last night I checked my email and someone I had never heard of had placed a sale on my replicated website for $77. That happens every couple weeks and I’m ramping up my funnel now to make it happen a lot more! Though it will never be consistent income, I can control how much fuel I’m adding to the funnel.

I’m not actively working my direct sales business anymore, but with my simple three point funnel I’ve got it set up to make almost completely passive income. It’s not 100% passive because I am still adding fuel, but it is far less work than traditional direct sales marketing. It frees up my time to work more on my marketing business and just get random surprise sales in my direct sales company!

When you purchase this product we will work together to get you set up the same way.

You will need to purchase a membership at Sassy Direct for the level that allows you to have a blog (Premium) unless you have another platform you would like to use for blogging. I recommend Sassy Direct because it has a lot more domain authority than a blog you could set up yourself and it is found easily in search engines.

Google My Business and Pinterest are free and we will get those accounts set up and connected.

Finally I will help you set up the processes you will use to add fuel to your funnel, which should take you just a couple hours a WEEK!





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