Instagram Planner Sticker Widget Track Dollar Eighty Strategy


Are you familiar with the Dollar Eighty strategy for Instagram Growth? It’s a Gary Vee idea to leave your “two cents” on 90 Instagram posts a day in your targeted hashtags. This digital sticker set will help you to track your $1.80 strategy every day!



Place the Dollar Eighty sticker on your digital planner spread each day. Fill in the hashtags with ten that have your ideal client and/or the people you most want to connect with on Instagram. Go to each hashtag and click either on Top or Recent and leave a comment on the first nine of them.

Use the included checkmark stickers to track as you leave comments.

Checkmarks come in three styles and two colors (yellow and pink)

How to use digital planner stickers (and download a free digital planner and sample sticker sheet from here to test it out)


When you purchase this product you will download a ZIP file with your stickers in three file types: Goodnotes, PNG, and PDF. Please note that this product is not licensed for distribution or resale. You may not copy or share but you can share this listing with anyone who would like their own copy!

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