Free Digital Planner & Bonus Stickers– Try out digital planning


Download this free digital planner to test out whether you want to go all in with digital planning!

Advantages to digital planning over paper planning:

  • Planners and stickers are far cheaper
  • Planners and stickers can be reused over and over
  • You can reposition and resize stickers easily
  • You can add and remove pages easily
  • You can have your planner with you everywhere, synced across devices


How To Access And Use Your Digital Planner And Stickers:

In the ZIP file download you will receive:

  1. a PDF of the digital planner with linked tabs
  2. a copy of the licensing agreement (for personal use only)
  3. and a sample sticker sheet.

There will be two versions of the sticker sheet, a PNG file and a GoodNotes file.

You will need a PDF markup app to use a digital planner.

The most popular is called GoodNotes5 and is available on iOS only. Android options include Noteshelf and Xodo (Metamoji Note will still work but is no longer supported by the developer)

I tried out most of the Android options but in the end I bought a used iPad in order to go with GoodNotes. I purchased an iPad mini 2, which is the earliest version that still supports the GoodNotes app. You can also use it on your phone, though it’s easier to see on a larger screen!


When you purchase this product you will download a ZIP folder. Instructions for accessing your planner and stickers is included in the video above. Please note that this product is not licensed for distribution or resale. You may not copy or share but you can share this listing with anyone who would like their own copy!

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