Daily Activities Spreadsheet For A More Productive Day (excellent for multiple businesses)


How to be more productive? Use a customizable spreadsheet!

Struggling to keep track of the activities you want to do daily in each of your businesses to keep everything running smoothly? This spreadsheet is the perfect way to track Daily Income Producing Activities no matter if you’re running one business or four! #TeamPurple



Watch how to be more productive with your day:

This is a version of a spreadsheet I’ve been using to keep productive and on track in my own multiple businesses (here, my marketing services, and my Lilla Rose hair clips!) It’s very easy to customize to your own daily Income Producing Activities.

Simply write in what you want to do on each day of the week and check them off as you go. Dedicate a block of time to doing your spreadsheet tasks each day. On Sunday there’s a task to reset all the checkmarks to be ready for the next week!

There is space for three different businesses but it is very easy to add or remove sections and change around the activities to completely customize to you and your processes.

And, of course, Sundays are for ketchup!

direct sales spreadsheet

You will receive a PDF document that has a link to the Google Sheet. Once you open it you will need to make your own copy


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