Custom Digital Marketing Plan


For marketing as unique as you are…get the completely customized digital marketing plan for your business, which includes:

  • two phone calls
  • an audit
  • a 10-20 page PDF document laying out your clear marketing plan

Take all the guesswork out of promoting your business.



custom marketing plan

For marketing as unique as you are…

The (completely custom) Digital Marketing Plan for your business

Take all the guesswork out of promoting your business.

Step 1: An hour long phone call to talk about your business, what you do, who you serve, and how leads are currently getting to you.

Step 2: I perform an audit of your business’ digital presence and develop a digital marketing plan using my unique gift for seeing the big picture of what strategy is the best fit for a particular business.

Step 3: I send you a 10-20 page PDF document outlining a clear plan for your business to clarify and streamline gaining leads and customers. Includes:

  • honing in on your “hook” (unique value proposition)
  • ideal client avatar
  • where they are and how to reach them
  • the correct order of offers to draw in potential clients
  • recommended language for social media bios and CTAs (calls to action)
  • 90 day action plan on how to set it all up (or speed that way up with a VIP day!)
  • methods of gaining traffic and generating leads–both paid and organic
  • recommended systems to make it all flow together with ease

Step 4: We hop on a second phone call to talk it over. I go through the plan with you step by step and you can ask any questions you have.

Step 5: You decide if you’d like to schedule a VIP day to create a funnel for your business based on the custom digital marketing plan


I have worked with mindset coaches, a business coach for chefs, a sustainability coach, a musician, artists, health coaches, parenting coaches, and more.

Each business needs its own approach and I have a rare gift for seeing the “hook” right away and exactly how to draw in the right leads.

Sample audit questions:

Sample pages from completed Business Level Up Plans:



And if after you look at your custom plan you would like help implementing it, you can put the cost of the plan towards a VIP Funnel In A Day and we will spend a six hour day getting your marketing funnel up and ready!


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