Complete Marketing Kit For Notaries


You started a notary business… but getting customers isn’t as simple as you expected.



Imagine knowing the best ways to promote your notary business for free on the Internet.

Starting your own business is exciting and full of hope but then you have to promote and market yourself…and no one ever taught you that part.

But I have good news. There are proven strategies to bring in clients through the Internet (and most of them are free to do)

Introducing the complete step-by-step guide to getting your name out there and becoming the go-to notary for your area.

You will learn how to leverage free social media to bring in new clients, tell people what you do in a way that excites them, plus a proven method for getting appointments through other people’s Facebook groups.

The Course:

Part One –> Foundations

Part Two –> Strategy

Part Three –> Measuring Results

More Details Here:

Topics for this course

29 Lessons
  • Introduction
  • Standing Out
  • Building Your Online Presence
  • Quick Wins: Things You Can Do In Five Minutes Or Less
  • Creating Visual Assets on Canva
  • Organic Traffic
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Reviews: Getting Them And Using Them
  • Paid Traffic (Online Ads)
  • Offline Marketing
  • Measuring Results
  • Advanced Techniques
  • What’s Next?

Bonus Tools:

  • Social media templates with instructions on how to modify them for you
  • Daily activities checklist so it doesn’t take all day
  • Branding worksheet
  • Profile optimization workbook for a variety of social channels
  • A spreadsheet for tracking your results from your social channels

Who Am I?

Hi, there! I’m Carolyn Choate and I love marketing. That may sound strange to say, but the truth is that marketing is nothing more than connecting people who need services and products with the people who have them.

It was later in life that I discovered I have a gift and a talent for making those connections online. If you’ve heard of marketing funnels and sales funnels those are something I am excellent at. I’ve built a business over the last few years building online funnels and then driving traffic to them with social media.

I love the process of using organic (i.e., not paid ads) social media to bring clients to small businesses.

When I was refinancing my house I met the lovely Daisy of Daisy’s Mobile Notary and we got to talking about the challenges of marketing one’s self as a small business. And so this kit was born!


  • Do I need any extra products or accessories for this kit?
    • You will most likely want a Canva account, but that is free and you will receive instruction on how to use it
  • What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?
    • You can email me for help at
  • How fast can I expect to see results?
    • Organic marketing and social media marketing take time to see the full impact but you should see an increase in inquiries within two weeks of starting
  • Can I use this for another business?
    • This course and kit are designed specifically for a notary business but there are other kits and more coming out for other small businesses. Send me an email at to let me know what kit you would like to see come out next.
  • Can I share this with a friend?
    • There is an affiliate program that you can sign up for so you can earn commission when you recommend this course to friends!

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It’s time to do something new to get new results for your business. 

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