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If you’re a blogger you know there’s a lot of steps that go into creating and promoting each blog post. And trying to hold it all in your head is stressful, not to mention you’re bound to forget something. You can use this blog workflow planner for Trello to organize your blog creation process from brainstorm all the way through to repurposing!



With this Blog Planner Workflow Trello board you can

  • Keep a running list of blog post ideas, jot them down whenever you think of or hear of a good one. When you’re ready to write a post you’ll have all your ideas to pick from.
  • Track the blog post creation process all the way through, including deciding on graphics needed, researching keywords, rough draft, updating for keywords in heading, and all the social platforms you want to promote on
  • The video walk through below gives ideas on lots of ways to customize the workflow to work best for you!

Several reference guides are included in the header cards, such as a guide to the image sizes for different social media platforms and recommended keyword tool.

blog workflow planner for trello


When you purchase this product you will download a PDF that includes the link to the Trello Board template. Instructions are included for how to create your own board from the template. Please note that this product is not licensed for distribution or resale. You may not copy or share but you can share this listing with anyone who would like their own copy!

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