Is Social Media Worth It For A Mindset Business?

When people come to me many of them say “I don’t think social media is working for my business.” I’m a huge proponent of organic traffic for our funnels and offers (I use paid too but the ability to generate organic views is amazing!) so I always dig in a little further to find out what’s going on.

The majority of the time clients think social media isn’t working for them because they haven’t established any goals.

How can you know what’s working if you don’t define what success is?

Too many people don’t know what to post on social media to support their business growth and so they do one of two things:

  1. They rarely post, throwing something up every once in a while if they think of it
  2. They post all kinds of things without consistency, clarity, or focus

The Internet and social media are an incredible opportunity for mindset coaches to get visible and found by the potential clients who need them. You don’t have to secure a spot on TV anymore to get visibility for your business.

It’s definitely worth taking advantage of that!

Here are my “golden guidelines” to using social media to grow your mindset coaching business:

  1. Know what you want a potential client to do once they discover you on social media.

Do you want them to follow you so you can continue to nurture the relationship with them on that platform? Do you want them to join your email list? Do you want them to come to your book-a-call page on your website?

Be super clear on your main goal for social media and make it clear in your bio too. Your bio on any platform should call out who your ideal client is, tell them what you do (your “I help” statement), and invite them to take the next step (a “call to action.”)

2. Choose just one or two platforms to begin with

Look at the demographics of your most perfect dream soulmate clients and find out where they are most likely going to be online. But don’t be too strict with this, even TikTok has millennial moms like me.

Also think about the platforms you enjoy the most when making your decision!

It’s better to be consistent and show up on one platform than to be scattered and inconsistent on many platforms. Slow and steady steps win the traffic battle.

3. Research visibility strategies

Learn the basics of how content is shared by this platform. Are hashtags used? What types of actions from your audience

4. Make a plan and a schedule

Finally it’s time to create an editorial calendar. This is where you organize your topics and decide exactly what you will be posting where and when. There’s many strategies for how to create your content plan so I won’t get into that here but one thing to keep in mind is content balance.

Content balance means that you aren’t selling in every post. And you’re also not never selling! You want to have a mix of posts that are entertaining, educational, and promotional.

I will write more on content planning later but this will give you a basic idea of how social media can work in your mindset coaching business!

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