How To Repurpose Content and Keep Track Of It

how to repurpose content

The problem of how to repurpose the content I create for my content marketing strategy has been tickling the back of my brain for a while. If there’s one thing I love (spoiler alert, I actually love just about every aspect of digital marketing so not just this) it is organizing and systemizing.

But I always had other things to work on so strategizing how to organize and visualize how I repurpose my content took a back burner.

Until I was hanging out in one of my favorite Facebook groups, Boss Moms.

Need to track how and where you are repurposing your content? Get this free spreadsheet to visualize your content marketing system! #marketing #contentmarketing

There someone asked the exact question I had been pondering off and on.

How does one track the repurposing of content?

Now I had a good excuse to dig in and figure out a system to keep track of my content and how it is being repurposed so I can be efficient with my content creation.

At first I thought a Trello board might be the right answer. I fiddled with it for a day or so but couldn’t get it to do quite what I wanted. That’s when I started building it from the ground up in Google Sheets.

Picture of the repurposing content spreadsheet I created

I must say I’m very pleased with how it came out. After about three hours of trying, testing, and building I have a spreadsheet that I think will be very useful for anyone who wants a system for repurposing their content!

You choose a primary channel/type of content for once a week (a blog post, a youtube video, a podcast, etc.). That goes under the pillar content and that is what is “primary” on the checklist. Then you track that piece of content by color throughout the month (you’ll be using last month’s posts for the things that haven’t been created yet for this month). Does that make sense? I should probably record a loom showing how to use it!

Since building these systems and spreadsheets is one of my favorite things to do I like to give them away once I finish them. I usually create things because I want them for my own business and chances are if I want them someone else will want them for their business too.

So you can get your own copy of this spreadsheet here:

You just need to “make a copy” and it’s yours to tweak and play with. I just ask that you not replace my logo and site at the top. If those are intact you can share it with anyone you like!

I’d love to hear what you think! Let me know your feedback

And keep an eye out because I’m also working on a spreadsheet for putting together a Pinterest strategy.

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