The Exact Schedule To Follow For Your Course Launch

You’ve put a lot of work into creating your course, now make sure that you give it the very best launch possible! Even for an evergreen course, a strong launch will give you a nice influx of cash to help you continue to serve your audience. Remember that I can help you with every step along this path, so don’t hesitate to reach out to talk about how I can help you launch your course!

If you haven’t started building an email list yet, it’s time to get started on that right away! Email is still the number one digital marketing platform and the size and strength of your email list is a good predictor of how successful your launch will be. (Need ideas on how to grow that email list? Check out this post: How To Grow A Targeted Email List). This formula will help you predict how your launch will go: 1-2% of email list will convert so # of Subscribers x 0.01 = Number of buyers

BTW, you can get this launch plan in a handy printable free checklist here!

Pre Launch

  • Set a timeline (see launch section)
  • Send a pre-launch email sequence building desire by hitting on the pain points that your course will solve (and/or also do this on video, podcast, or facebook posts)
  • Reach out to potential affiliates
  • Run a free challenge or bootcamp
  • Write your sales landing page and email sequences


You’ll be sending a lot of emails–and that’s okay! This is an exception to the general rules. Your audience know that you’re launching and they are ready to be caught up in the excitement!

  • Email on launch day with a discount code for 24 hours. Two reminder emails including one just an hour before the end of the discount. (So on day two)
  • On third day offer some new bonuses that expire on day five (day 7 being the end of the launch). Give those bonuses to people who already bought and to anyone who buys by day five. Send reminder emails up until the deadline.
  • On the fourth day send a case study or testimonial about how well the course works, answer objections, and bolster confidence.
  • Day five reminder that bonuses are going away.
  • On the final day early email reminding that this is the last day to purchase, another testimonial email mid day, and the final “buy now or never” email.

Even if you are planning an ever green course I would start with this type of launch and close the course for at least a couple of months. You can then build an ongoing funnel that uses the bonuses you created and adjust the email sequences a little bit. A couple months will give you time to put together the sales funnel and get it set up to offer the course and bonuses with a timer for the bonuses expiring and then you can run ads to that funnel. A webinar funnel is one of the best ways to convert a course so think about what you could teach in a webinar that would lead naturally into your course and bonuses.


A couple days later send an email to only the people on your list who have not purchased to say that there was demand and you are opening up the cart for just 24 hours to make sure everyone who wants the course is able to get it.

If you plan to offer the course again in the future you can let them know that when you open back up the price will be higher.

One final email to remind as the course is closing for good.

Then an email to everyone to thank them for coming along for such an exciting launch and showing your appreciation to your audience. Encourage them to write in with any questions or wins from the course.

After a month, send another email to everyone who purchased the course. Ask them how they like it, if there was anything they expected but didn’t get, let them know you want it to be the best it can be. You want them to feel that they fully got their money’s worth, so offer to answer all questions, jump on a phone call, whatever they want.

Also send an email to those who DIDN’T purchase the course to ask them how you can help and what prevented them from buying. No guilt trips! Just an honest and authentic request for feedback. If they can tell you what prevented them from purchasing it will help you to build a better product to better serve your audience. And their feedback might surprise you. Perhaps what prevented them buying had nothing to do with the course itself. It might be something that you can address better in your marketing.

Optionally you can also keep regularly emailing to help them with accountability and making sure they are making progress in the course.


If you have a product that’s working, keep on selling it!

Take any feedback that you got post launch, fix up and create what people asked for, send it to them for free and then ask for testimonials that you can use on the next launch.

Do a second launch in 1-2 months again to your email list. Follow the same process but let people know about the things you changed to address all the feedback.

Your third launch you can start using affiliates. This is where you get people with audiences to sell your course for you and they get a cut of the profits. [You can also offer affiliate links to the students in your course. They can make back the money they spent on it by getting new students to enroll.] It’s a bit of work to set up so that’s why I would focus first on the launches to your own current audience. I will do a separate post about how to create an affiliate launch!

The Evergreen Funnel

Once you are converting well to sales you can start building automation. A webinar funnel is a great way to do this because they convert well in general and they give people a feel for you as a teacher and whether the course material is something that will benefit them.

Do some live webinars for your current audience and record them. You will probably want to do 3-5 webinars until you get one that is perfect.

Take the best version and build a webinar funnel around it. Here’s an overview of what it looks like:

Social media posts and ads —> register for a webinar that runs every hour (giving their email address to do so), make sure it is a topic that offers an immediate big win for your ideal audience, at the end of the webinar explain your course and all the advantages it offers —> there are bonuses available for people who sign up right away —> send emails to offer a replay, remind about the bonuses expiring, share case studies and testimonials —> ask for feedback whether they purchased or not


As you continue to send value-based emails to your audience, put a p.s. at the bottom of each one letting them know about the course and where they can learn more (sales page or webinar funnel)

You’ll want to do all of this before you begin thinking about putting the work into a new course!

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