Don’t send traffic to a bad page

When you start marketing yourself online it’s natural to think first about traffic. How are you going to get people to see what you offer? How will you get people to your website?

Traffic and lead generation are important aspects of online marketing but they are not the first step.

You must have a good foundation before you start bringing in traffic. If you spend time, effort, and money to bring people to a website that doesn’t interest them you’ve wasted it all.

The very first thing to give your attention to is your website and your offers there.

Is everything on your site clear? Can a person who is new there understand what they should do next to continue their journey with you?

When you ask them to join and email list, book a call, or purchase a program are you speaking in a way that entices your ideal clients? Do they feel that you are the person who has exactly what they need?

Those two things are necessary to have dialed in before you spend any time, energy, thought, or money on bringing traffic to your site.

I had one client that was already running Facebook ads when I met her and she had spent thousands with very little return because her offer wasn’t compelling enough to her target clients.

I am a big fan of testing out your offers organically and getting sales from your site for free before you ramp it up with social media ads.

I had another client who had a funnel in place and wanted to fill it with traffic from Facebook ads. But I ran some numbers and used a simulator to discover that FB ads would never become profitable for her until she raised the price of her courses.

Not every single person who sees your FB ad is going to click it, and not every single person who clicks it is going to sign up for your freebie once they reach your page, and not every single person who signs up for your freebie will buy your low-ticket offer, and not every single person who buys your low-ticket offer will eventually become a client.

And that is why it’s called a funnel.

There’s attrition along the way. So you have to bring in hundreds of people before you get the one who makes it through to signing up as your client. There’s tweaks you can do to make those numbers better but you’ll never get to 100%.

So if you get five email sign ups for every 100 people who visit your website then that would be a 5% conversion rate for that goal.

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Based on standard conversion rates she wasn’t going to get a sale of her product until we had brought in several thousand people and the cost of that using ads was never going to be worth it.

There are times when not enough traffic is the reason you’re struggling to make sales.

But it’s not the only reason and before worrying about getting more traffic worry about whether people are interested in what they see when they get there.

Let’s chat about your business and how it can have more efficient online marketing! No pitch on the first call. I just want to hear about your and your goals and then make a custom plan to share.

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