Does it feel like your hair just can’t grow long?

The secret to growing long healthy hair isn’t in how fast it’s coming out of your scalp

The most important factor in growing hair long has nothing to do with how fast it grows from your scalp and everything to do with how you care for it after it grows.

Breakage is the number one reason for not seeing length gain in your hair.

Perhaps you’ve heard about how hair elastics damage your hair and make it difficult to grow it long. If you’ve ever pulled a hair tie out of your hair and seen a bunch of broken off hairs twisted tightly around it, then you know how bad they are for your hair health. If you wear a ponytail in the same place each day you will start getting frizz and broken hairs all around the area where it pinches into your hair. And if it’s too tightly pulled back you can also lose hair around your temples and forehead.

No problem, you think, I’ll just wear it down.

But that won’t work either. Wearing your hair down exposes it to snags and friction. Wearing hair down most of the time is JUST as bad for breakage, frizz, and damaged hair.

What is a girl to do?

Turns out the long hair community has had this one figured out for a while. And by long hair I mean hair longer than you’ve probably ever thought to grow your hair (at least for most people it’s “too long”!)

If you want long and healthy hair, the best thing you can do is wear it up in protective styles with gentle accessories.

That is the number one thing that ladies with hair past their butts do to keep it long and healthy.

Mega size hair flexi in a disc bun

The very best gentle accessory

There is no better hair accessory for growing long hair than the flexi clip. I say clip but it does not actually have a clip mechanism. That would just be another place to catch and break your hair! The flexi clip is technically a hair slide but it is unique and unlike any other hair slide (or accessory) on the market.

What makes the flexi clip unique is the attached hair stick. Most hair slides are a figure eight shape that you put a hair stick through. The flexi comes with the hair stick so it never gets lost or separated. It also has more give than traditional slides, allowing a wider range of hair amounts and thicknesses to fit in it.

The hair stick portion is also a blunt edge so it won’t poke you or people around you! There are a little set of grooves to keep the stick locked firmly in place.

You can use it exactly like you use a barrette or you can use it like a hair stick if you are familiar with those!

XXL Flexi hair clip in a french pinless bun

There’s almost no hair style that can’t be done with a flexi–making it the most versatile hair accessory I own.

Get the preferred hair accessory of the long hair community–no matter what your length today!

XL flexi hair clip in a dropped infinity bun

How it works

No matter the length or texture of your hair, you can start using a flexi now! There are seven sizes and uses for all of them. The mini (or xxs) is great for fine hair, pinning back bangs, a little side clip, or for a small child. The mega (XXL) is good for exceptionally long hair or thick hair, or hair that is in dreads or twists.

What size you get also depends on what you want to do with it. Here is a sizing guide based on your ponytail circumference. If you want to do more updos (as I recommend!) go up one size. If you want to do more half-ups, go down one size.

They are made of super strong music wire and can also be pinched and pushed to modify the size a little bit. They are flexible enough to be able to hold hair better than a barrette, which is very limited in how much hair it holds based on its size.

And if you don’t like the size you got?

No problem! It’s very easy to exchange for another size and the company will even pay for shipping both ways.

That makes it completely no risk to you to try out flexis and see how much they help you grow your hair!

(WORLDWIDE Shipping starts at just $4)

Playlist of 18 hairstyles you can do with flexis: