Complete Marketing Kit For Notaries

  • Course level: Beginner


You started a notary business… but getting customers isn’t as simple as you expected.

Imagine knowing the best ways to promote your notary business for free on the Internet.

Starting your own business is exciting and full of hope but then you have to promote and market yourself…and no one ever taught you that part.

But I have good news. There are proven strategies to bring in clients through the Internet (and most of them are free to do)

Introducing the complete step-by-step guide to getting your name out there and becoming the go-to notary for your area.

What Will I Learn?

  • Get more five-star reviews
  • Grow your client base
  • What to post online to attract new clients
  • Be the first notary business that comes up in Google
  • Creative business card ideas
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Become the go-to notary of your area
  • Everything you need to market yourself and your services!

Topics for this course

51 Lessons


Welcome to the complete marketing kit for notaries. This course will guide you in building a robust digital marketing plan for your business and generate leads and customers online. The goal is that you are the go-to notary for your area and you are the one everyone always recommends. So let's get started!
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Standing Out?

Set yourself apart with branding, Unique Value Proposition, pain points, and knowing your ideal customer.

Building Your Online Presence?

Before we start sending people to your social profiles they have to be ready to receive that traffic. We need to get all your profiles polished up and perfected so when people come to them they know what to do next to become your client.

Quick Wins: Things You Can Do In Five Minutes Or Less?

Now that your profiles and website are traffic-ready do these quick things to get the "low hanging fruit" before moving on to more advanced techniques to drive traffic to your pages.

Creating Visual Assets on Canva?

Update your branding and profile optimization by creating cover images, a logo, and more with a free graphic design tool.

Organic Traffic?

Free ways to bring people where you want them to go so they can become your clients. Organic traffic costs your time as opposed to paid traffic like ads. Paid traffic can be tricky because of rules around what notaries are allowed to claim in ads and we will talk about that later.

Reviews: Getting Them And Using Them

Paid Traffic (Online Ads)

Offline Marketing

Measuring Results

Advanced Techniques

What’s Next?

marketing for mobile notaries

Material Includes

  • 10 Video units of actionable items
  • Set of 33 social media templates
  • Workbooks
  • Spreadsheets
  • Complete plan to utilize online marketing and ideas for offline marketing

Target Audience

  • Independent notaries