Funnel Creation and Course Launch Pricing

When you fill out my questionnaire I will look at where you are at in your coaching or course creation business and create a personalized proposal, but here are most of the services that I can offer and the pricing to give you a ballpark idea.

ROI is the focus of everything that I do in funnel building. The money you invest in me needs to pay dividends and increase your reach and your profits. But that takes time, commitment, and dedication. Funnel building is far from simple or straight forward. It’s going to take testing and tweaking before it purrs like the quality machine it is.

My services all have payment plans and you can get started right away for a small deposit.

And be sure to pick up my free Course Launch Checklist! It will help you see how ready you are to launch your course

Course Launch (or Relaunch)

In preparation for a new launch or to take an existing course and launch it as if for the first time! Get all the details on my launch plan in this post.

  1. Get very clear on the target student and decide on pricing
  2. Develop a strategy for how best to reach them: first with the social channels, following, and subscribers you already have and then warming up cold traffic [such as a free challenge or opt-in freebie]
  3. Consider affiliates
  4. Plan and implement a sales funnel customized to your offering. I will handle the copywriting and the tech side, you provide the platform
  5. Deciding on price, bonuses, discounts surrounding the launch strategy.
  6. Writing several email sequences for before, during, and after launch
  7. Plan how to use social to grab attention for your launch
  8. Planning and optimizing ads to the funnel (ads budget separate from my fees)

—> 50 cents/email subscriber on your list when we sign contacts (minimum 1,000 subscribers) plus 10% of sales income from the time of launch to the completion of the evergreen funnel (or whatever end point has been decided between us and specified in the contract)

—> 25% of email subscriber payment due at signing of contract as a deposit, 25% due at the beginning of launch week, final 50% due at the end of the launch week. Percent of sales income due at contract end.

—> Ongoing Ad Support for the funnel: $400/month plus ad budget [lock in this price now, it will be going up!!!]

Optimizing Social Presence

In preparation for launching or relaunching a course or coaching package make sure all your social channels are ready to work for you!

Profile Optimization
Updating the bio on up to five social media channels, making sure the links lead to the correct place, and the profile image is ideal. Adding in keywords as needed and polishing the bio/about to position you as the authority

Hashtag and Keyword Strategy
Developing the hashtags and keywords that should be used in your social media and blog posts

Checking that your visual language is compelling to your ideal client.

—> $300 ($100 due up front)

Build Your Email List

The more subscribers you have when you launch your course or coaching program, the more sales you will have. It has been proven again and again. So get yourself set up to succeed by building a strong email list to begin with. We will utilize a free offer to bring people to your list and prepare them for your future offerings. We will promote your free offer through Pinterest, Facebook, other social media channels as applicable and social media ads if applicable. A robust email list is the best predictor of course success.

—> $500 ($200 up front)

—> Ongoing email support $199/month (that is sending four emails a month/one a week to nurture your audience and keep giving them value)

Ads Management

Plan, implement, and run ads in Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or any other platform where your target students are towards your evergreen funnel. We will start with the $1/day strategy (which is a little more than $1 a day because it requires a few ads running at once) to optimize and then scale from there. The idea is to get your ads more than paying for themselves (and my fees!) We should be able to get to a point where you put $1 in and get $2 or even $3 out from it.

—> $400/month plus ad budget [lock in this price now, it will be going up!!!]