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5 Lead Magnet Ideas For Manifestation Coaches

You may have heard the term “lead magnet” thrown around. It’s something that is also called a freebie or an opt-in. It’s a foundational principle of online marketing. Here’s how it works. I like the term lead magnet best because it perfectly describes what it does. A lead is a person who could potentially becomeContinue reading “5 Lead Magnet Ideas For Manifestation Coaches”

Is Social Media Worth It For A Mindset Business?

When people come to me many of them say “I don’t think social media is working for my business.” I’m a huge proponent of organic traffic for our funnels and offers (I use paid too but the ability to generate organic views is amazing!) so I always dig in a little further to find outContinue reading “Is Social Media Worth It For A Mindset Business?”

Why I Quit Clickfunnels

An Honest Review Of ClickFunnels Clickfunnels has changed the landscape in digital marketing, which is an impressive feat on its own. The concept of the marketing funnel went from a way for the marketer to think about the structure of a client’s customer journey and offers to something every business owner wants. That’s not aContinue reading “Why I Quit Clickfunnels”