Etsy Finds: Digital Planners and Stickers

Here are links to all the digital planning supplies that I am using in my own planning (Okay, almost all. It’s hard to keep up with uploading the info on all the stickers I keep buying…) These are mostly affiliate links, so I will get a small commission if you decide to purchase one ofContinue reading “Etsy Finds: Digital Planners and Stickers”

Free version? Not once you see the new Headline Studio by CoSchedule

I was perfectly happy and content analyzing my headlines with the free CoSchedule tool. It was a cool way to check my headlines and hone them (plus get scored on them! Very helpful for showing my clients how awesome the headlines I was making them were). Then one day I logged in and it putContinue reading “Free version? Not once you see the new Headline Studio by CoSchedule”

How To Grow A Targeted Email List

The money is in the list. It’s been true since the days of the rolodex. Your email list has two huge advantages over other places that you meet your audience. First, it belongs to you. As long as you are downloading and storing those names and email addresses no one can take your access toContinue reading “How To Grow A Targeted Email List”

The Price Of Your Product Doesn’t Matter

It took me a while to comprehend it but the truth is the price of your product or service is mostly irrelevant. It’s not price that matters to your consumer, it is value. Can you see the difference between those two things? What if I just give you prices. $5 is a low price. $100,000Continue reading “The Price Of Your Product Doesn’t Matter”