5 Lead Magnet Ideas For Manifestation Coaches

You may have heard the term “lead magnet” thrown around. It’s something that is also called a freebie or an opt-in. It’s a foundational principle of online marketing. Here’s how it works.

I like the term lead magnet best because it perfectly describes what it does. A lead is a person who could potentially become your client. They have the problem that you solve, they would be interested in your coaching…if only they knew you existed. A magnet is meant to attract that lead, to bring them to you (and equally to repel people who would not be a good fit for your coaching!)

So a lead magnet is something very appealing to your soulmate ideal client that you offer for free in exchange for contact information (usually an email address, maybe a phone number, and permission to contact them).

While you don’t charge money for your lead magnet, the potential client still pays for it by giving their contact information and permission to be contacted. That is the exchange of value.

Now that we know what a lead magnet is, I have five ideas for lead magnets manifestation and mindset coaches can use in their business.

Lead Magnet One: Free Call

A free discovery call is a great choice for all kinds of coaches. It gives the potential client a chance to feel you out, get a sense of your vibe, and talk through what they are struggling with right then.

However it can be challenging to get people signing up for discovery calls. Particularly because they are so ubiquitous and most of us have experienced signing up for a free call and then getting a hard sell and pitch.

I know I have become reluctant to sign up for calls because I’m afraid that I’ll be pressured to buy something that might not be what I really need.

So while I do free strategy calls in my business (and if you sign up be assured there is no pitch in the first call at all, it’s just for getting to know you and your business), I use other lead magnets first most of the time.

Lead Magnet Two: PDF Affirmations or Exercises

A free PDF download is a very easy lead magnet to set up. The key to turning the people who download it into leads, though, is the follow up.

If you create a PDF of affirmations or an exercise to bring a particular result make sure that it is attached to an email follow up sequence that gently encourages them to actually use the PDF.

It’s easy to get buried in free PDFs that you’ve signed up for and put off actually using them. But if your lead doesn’t get the transformation they aren’t going to take the next step with you.

You can email them to ask if they’ve completed step one yet or what they’ve learned from step two, etc. Once you finish that sequence it should end in an invitation to take the next step with you (probably a free call).

Here is my example of a quick download lead magnet: Email Subject Lines To Double Your Open Rate

Lead Magnet Three: Card Draws

My personal favorite because I created this one with my very first manifestation coach client. Back then I had never heard of oracle cards but one morning in a meeting she mentioned drawing a card for inspiration for the week.

Immediately my brain began to ponder how we could add that inspiration to her emails for her list. And the oracle card funnel was born!

You can watch a totally free training on how to set this up in your own business here:

Lead Magnet Four: Webinar

And speaking of free training a webinar is another lead magnet you can use in your manifestation coaching business. My webinar is a prerecorded training that you can get instant access to and is set up to automatically guide you from one step to the next. (Some prerecorded webinars try to trick you into thinking they are happening live and I hate that. I don’t have a place for dishonesty in my business!)

These days many people are opting for webinars that are actually live and while it’s more work on the part of the creator it is a very powerful way to connect with your soulmate clients and build a lot of trust. It’s an excellent method for pitching a higher cost program or offer because the attendees have spent a lot of time with you and gotten a ton of value from you upfront.

If you want help in adding a webinar either live or prerecorded to your business, please schedule a time to talk with me because this is a big part of what I do!

Lead Magnet Five: Roadmap To Result

This lead magnet is similar to the PDF download but is a little bit meatier. It’s more of a map to get your lead to a result. You have the choice to make it a small goal that they can reach on their own or it can be an overview of your entire process.

The benefit of the second is that people can DIY it if they are up for it, but they will see how much work goes into what you do and will feel more and more compelled to reach out to you for help completing the transformation. Make sure to make it easy for them to get in touch if/when they want help and support.

Ideal Lead Magnets Do These Three Things

  • They are quick and easy to consume, giving a quick win
  • They match the first step of your soulmate client’s journey
  • They leave your lead wanting more and seeing the possibilities for the future

So think through your process and how you guide someone from first meeting you through to the full transformation you give them. What is the very first step they need to take to be ready to start that transformation?

Want more help developing a process for nurturing leads in your business? Book a free call with me to map out a strategy! There’s no pitch on the first call. We talk about your business and what you need, then I go and build a custom proposal to talk over on a second call. No pressure!

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