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Samples, case studies, and testimonials from past and current client work.

Table of Contents: OMB For a Chef Coach I OBM for a biz success coach I social media manager for a local workout class I Ads manager and blogger for an ecommerce store I marketing plan creation for a band I Odds & Ends (logos, social media graphics, writing samples) I CERTIFICATIONS I

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OBM For A Consultant For Independent Chefs

I started working with Holly Verbeck of Make Your Business Cook as an apprentice and she was so pleased with my work that not only did she hire me at the end of my apprenticeship, she hired me for a much higher role in her organization.

She appreciates my diligence and attention to detail, my ability to both take direction and initiative, as well as my comprehension of marketing language and tech.

Some of the things that I do for her as Online Business Manager (OBM):

  • organize and assign tasks in Asana
  • translate meeting notes into action items and assign to the correct people
  • take the raw data KPIs, summarize and analyze
  • fill in whenever needed for a bit of copy, a funnel tech issue, a graphic, or a research project
  • being a sounding board to talk through ideas and strategy

Samples of some of the Facebook captions and images Holly and I created together when I was an apprentice:

Digital Marketing Assistant For A Business Success Coach

Jamie Sea of Rising Wolf Coaching is another client that I started out under a six month contract but at the end of that time she was eager to hire me on an ongoing basis indefinitely.

With her I developed a Facebook group strategy, a Pinterest strategy, and beefed up her funnels as well as creating new ones as she comes out with new products and new freebies.

An image I designed for a FB ad campaign

Some of the tasks I get to do for Jamie include:

  • writing landing page copy
  • creating editorial calendar each month
  • writing and creating graphics for FB group posts
  • formatting emails
  • creating Pinterest pins and captions (using her brand colors, fonts, logo, and aesthetics)

One really cool idea that we came up with together and I figured out how to implement is email-based card draws. I don’t think anyone else is doing anything like this!

So one thing that Jamie does is drawing an oracle card at the start of her day. The card she is drawn to gives her some insight and inspiration. We were talking about how to add more value to her emails and make people excited to open them and I said we needed to find a way to give them a way to choose an oracle card within her email. Later that day I had a plan for how to execute it and a basic design that Jamie tweaked.

Samples of website copy, Facebook group posts, and Pinterest pins:

Social Media Manager For a Local Workout Class

I took on a temporary project to do a makeover on the Instagram page for a local mom’s workout class. I did the hashtag research, rewrote the bio, added the CTA, created/organized the highlights, did the graphics, and wrote the captions for one month.

Engagement improved dramatically!

Ads Manager, Copywriter, and Tech Person for an ecommerce store

During a three month stint as an apprentice for Debbie Jacknin of Songbird Artistry I wrote email blasts and blog posts, helped to design and implement the customizable section (that turned into a HUGE project!), and ran a few FB ads campaigns with an excellent ROI.

$50 in ad spend and 6 completed purchases

“You really are very good at this.”

Debbie Jacknin

Here are two of the video ads that I created from scratch:

Had to learn a whole lot about Pittsburgh for this!

I designed the graphics for an Instagram campaign around small business Saturday and black Friday. Here are some samples:

Marketing Plan For a Band

I had a special opportunity to create the marketing and promotional plan for a band that is just starting to consider getting serious about their career in music. I researched and designed a 17 page document laying out a clear plan for how to make money from music from goals to branding to every step of a marketing funnel.

See email subject lines (with open rates), landing page copy, and social media captions:

Links to some of the hundreds of blog posts I have written:


Odds & Ends

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