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Real Marketing Is Simply Connecting People With The Resources They Desperately Need

You’re an online coach or entrepreneur whose zone of genius does not include marketing and promotion. Luckily you’re here and I can take all of that off your plate for good because that is definitely my zone of genius (click here to read more about me and my twisty path to finding my talent and passion at last!). 

If you’re not sure what you need when it comes to marketing

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Welcome to Carolyn Choate Marketing. I’m a remote freelance digital marketing manager and I specialize in organizing your offers into efficient marketing funnels and driving the right eyeballs to them!

I am great at what I do. I absolutely love it and I have an innate talent for it. I have an unusual gift for seeing how the disparate pieces of your services and offerings should be arranged to create a clear and exciting customer journey from first encounter to raving fan.

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What I do is organize your content, ideas, and services into a clear path that makes sense for your customers, then find and engage those potential customers on social media.

If you aren’t sure social media marketing works, odds are you’ve fallen into the trap that most online business owners do: not having a clear plan for their social media marketing efforts.

You’ve been told you need to be on social, but what should you be posting? How often? What will it get you?

In marketing, don’t do anything without a goal and a plan.

For every action you take you should know what your goal is and where you want to guide people next. That is what I am exceptionally good at. Those pieces just make sense to my brain!

So it all starts with knowing who you want to reach and what you’d like them to do first.

Once the customer journey is laid out it’s time to bring people to it using social media to attract them to start their journey with you.

So here’s what I do for you:

  1. Ask questions and talk with you about who you want to reach online and what you have to offer them
  2. Lay out a marketing funnel plan of how best to guide people from “never heard of you” to “telling everyone they know to work with you.”
  3. Write copy and lay out website pages so their journey to purchase is smooth and easy.
  4. Build out a few key social channels based on where online your ideal customers spend time
  5. Develop an ongoing plan for content that will bring people to you and your offers
  6. Analyze the data of how many people are reached and what they do to inform better strategy (spreadsheets make me squeal with joy!)

I’ve had particularly good results with Pinterest and Instagram but I also do Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube and anywhere else your potential customers might be waiting for you.

Samples Of My Work

I have skills in both the writing and the graphic design as well as some technical ability so I am an all-in-one solution for your digital marketing. 

“You really are very good at this.”

Debbie Jacknin

Had to learn a whole lot about Pittsburgh for this!


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