Sales Funnel Academy

Attention small business owners working on your passion… 

If you love what you’re doing but are intimidated by the idea of marketing and promotion what would it feel like if… 

  • Your business felt easy and was rolling along with its own momentum
  • You knew exactly how to achieve the dream you envisioned for your business when you started
  • You were getting your products and services in front of way more people (and getting them excited to buy)

Without being stopped by not knowing much about marketing or how to put together a sales funnel?

If that sounds great to you, you are in the right place!

It really is possible to promote your business in a smooth and simple way online.

Introducing: The Sales Funnel Academy

Sales Funnel Academy

Created to help you show your offers and products in the best way to reach eager customers and fans, take the overwhelm out of learning sales funnels and online marketing, and get confident with the tech so you can realize the business you envisioned!

Imagine knowing exactly how to generate leads and convert them to customers. And doing it in a cost effective way with great return on your investment.

You will learn about validating offers, driving online traffic, anatomy of landing pages, what tech you need and how to connect it all up (hint: there are very low cost ways to set up a sales funnel!)

And you’ll be confident in promoting yourself and your business.

sales funnel academy success

You will get:

  1. 7 Core Classes (see video below)
  2. Monthly workshops with topics that build on each other
  3. One-on-one coaching calls to talk through the best funnel for your business or answer any tech questions (two per month)
  4. Workbooks and exercises to go with the workshops
  5. Templates and guides 
  6. Guidance and support on using any tech involved in your funnel
  7. Support and community of other business builders learning sales funnels along with you!
  8. Office hours and co-working sessions

Just one of the coaching calls exceeds the value of what you’ll pay!

In fact, the price was reduced recently from $39.99/month to only $24.99/mo! That is unbeatable value.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Carolyn Choate and I’m a sales funnel savant! In my late thirties I discovered a natural gift for sales funnels completely unexpectedly. I have two degrees in creative writing and I had previously hated every job I ever had. (I would learn everything voraciously, then get bored). I thought I just wasn’t cut out to have a career.

I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I taught myself marketing and within months I was hired by not only businesses but also marketers who have been in the field for decades. Through referral alone I maxed out my retainer clients. I have an unusual blend of talent in the creative side and the tech side. And I never stop learning! I’ve spent thousands on courses, certifications, and trainings so that I can bring you the most up to date and best information and strategies.

Since I filled my retainer client schedule I wanted a way to bring my gift for sales funnels to more people. I noticed that many of my solopreneur friends either didn’t know what a sales funnel was or didn’t understand them and how they work. 

So I created the Sales Funnel Academy to use my gifts to help others share their gifts with the world!

Don’t wait another moment to get started making your marketing and promotion easy

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